Phase 4 | Age: Girls 11-14 | Boys 12-15

Participation: Ski 4-5 days a week, and 100 days a year. At least 30-50% free skiing. Competition period: ( Dec-April). Number of race starts: 15-30 with a ratio of 1:5 racing: training. Plays complementary sports.

Conditioning Emphasis: 1-2 conditioning or recovery sessions per week in season. Increase aerobic conditioning and balance/agility/ coordination, particularly through growth spurt. Begin light external resistance work including band, med balls, etc.

Technical and Tactical Emphasis: Tactical stage- learning line and strategy. Actively maintain technical skills through the growth spurt. Emphasize use of tactics to achieve carved turns on the most appropriate line for athlete. Develop speed and efficiency by refining carving and steering movements to achieve the desired turn radius in courses. Use a variety of course sets, conditions and terrain to teach the skier to adapt to different situations.

Equipment Selection and Preparation: Adhere to USSA rules for all equipment selection.

Skis: Slalom, GS and super G skis. Refine tuning skills.

Boots: Proper boot fit and flex are critical for performance. Boot flexes and responds as it interacts with the ski and plate. Performance considerations may include flex, cant forward lean, ramp angle and foot beds.

Protection: Head, arm, hand, shoulder, back teeth and shin protection recommended based on event.

Poles: GS-standard length. SL- pole guard for blocking and protection, pole may be slightly shorter.

Performance Psychology Emphasis: Positive self talk, work ethic and perseverance, goal setting with a focus on the process and not results. Continue to use imagery and visualize good technique. Teamwork and sportsmanship. Positive parental support and club involvement.

Competition Emphasis: Local racing leads to state and divisional championships which may lead to regional events and Junior Olympics.

Alpine Training System Phase 4

5-9 years in the sport.


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