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Canadian Race Intents

This page is for Coaches and Athlete Representatives in the US. To submit an intent for your athlete, please click the event link and complete the form.  Be sure to check the deadline calendar at the bottom of the page as late intents will not be accepted.

Click here for the CAN FIS Calendar.

Please scroll down the page for race announcements.


Norquay, AB 6-8 December 2013 ENL M&L 2SL - Closed View Intents
Val St- Come, QC 14-15 December 2013 M&L 2 SL - Closed View Intents
Panorama, AB 18-23 December 2013 M&L 2SL, 2GS, 2SG - Closed View Intents
Tremblant and St. Sauveur December 20-23 2013 M&L 2GS, 2SL - Closed View Intents
Osler Bluff, ON 2-3 January 2014 ENL M&L GS - Closed View Intents
Alpine, ON 4-5 January 2014 M&L SL&GS - Closed View Intents
Loch Lomond, ON 9-12 January 2014 M&L 2 ENL GS, 2 FIS SL - Closed View Intents
Lake Louise, AB 9-10  January 2014 M&L 2GS - Closed View Intents
Mont Garceau, QC 9-10 January 2014 M&L 2 GS - Closed    View Intents
Norquay, AB 11-12 January 2014 M&L 2SL - Closed    View Intents
Mont Garceau, QC 11-12 January 2014 M&L 2 SL - Closed    View Intents
Mont Ste-Anne, QC 25-28 January 2014 M&L 2GS, 2SG - Closed View Intents
Panorama 23-26 January 2014 M&L 2SL, 2GS - Closed View Intents
Georgian Peaks, ON 10-11 February 2014 M&L NJR/NJC  2 GS - Closed View Intents
Blue Mountain, ON 12-13 February 2014 M&L NJR/NJC 2SL - Closed View Intents
Devils Glen Ski Club, ON 15-16 February 2014 M&L 2 SL - Closed View Intents
Nakiska, AB 20-23 February 2014 L&M 4DH, 2SG  1 NJR SG - Closed  View Intents
Bromont, QC, 20-23 February 2014 M&L 2SL, 2GS - Closed View Intents
Georgian Peaks, ON 26-27 February 2014 M&L 2GS - Closed View Intents
Blue Mountain, ON 28 February - 1 March 2014 M&L 2SL - Closed View Intents
Kimberley, BC 2- 7 March 2014 M&L 4DH, 2SG- Closed View Intents
Camp Fortune, ON 7-8 March 2014 M&L 2SL - Cancelled View Intents
Le Relais, QC 15-16 March 2014 M&L UNI 2 SL - Closed View Intents
Whistler, BC 19-26 March 2014 M&L Nationals - CLOSED View Intents
Stoneham, QC 21-22 March 2014 M&L UNI 2 GS - Closed View Intents
Whistler, BC 28-29 March 2014 L&M 2GS - Closed View Intents
Stoneham/Le Relais, QC 29 March - 1 April 2014 M&L 2GS, 2SL- CLOSED View Intents
Grouse Mountain, BC 30-31 March 2014 M&L 2 SL - Closed View Intents

Race Announcements

Race Announcements will be posted as they are received.


Canadian FIS Calendar and Intent Deadlines



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