NorAm Intents

Below are links to the intent forms for each of the NorAm Series for the 2016-2017 season.  To submit an intent for your athlete, please click on the event link and complete the form. Deadline for intent is 21 days before the first team captains'  meeting.

Click here for the NorAm Calendar on the FIS Website. 

Please scroll down the page for race announcements.


Lake Louise, AB December 5-9, 2016 M&L  3 DH - closed View Intents
Panorama, BC December 11-18, 2016 M&L  3 SG, AC, 2 GS, 2 SL - Closed View Intents
Stowe Mountain Resort, VT January 2-5, 2017 M 2 GS, 2 SL -closed  View Intents
Burke Mountain, VT January 2-5 2017 L 2 GS, 2 SL - closed View Intents
Vail and Copper, CO February 1-11, 2017 M&L 2 SL, 2 GS, 2 DH, AC, 2 SG - Closed View Intents
Mont Ste-Marie, QC March 17-20 M 2 GS, 2 SL- Closed View Intents
Val St-Come and Garceau, QC March 17-20 L 2SL , 2GS - Closed View Intents
Sugarloaf, ME March 22-23, 2017 M&L 2 SG, AC - Closed View Intents



Race Announcements


NorAm Calendar and Intent Deadlines



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