Alpine Programs


Central Division Projects

Purpose Statement:
To produce the best alpine ski racers in the world at the developmental, sub-national team level by offering complementary cooperative training with Tri-Regional, Rocky/Central Regional, Central Divisional and club training programs/plans.

1. To assist management, athletic training, and competition performance programs of the top Central Division Athletes.
2. To establish and conduct an athlete talent detection and development system that tracks and measures the performance and performance characteristics of top regional racers at various chronological points in their ski racing development.
3. To contribute as productively, professionally, and fully possible in the achievement of the USSA Mission of being the best nation in ski competition in the world.

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Central Division Projects


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Rocky/Central Regional Projects

Ian Dunlop is the Rocky/Central Regional Coach

Rocky/Central Regional Projects will be posted here

Rocky/Central Regional Prep Period Projects
Rocky/Central Regional Training Group (RTG)




Future Projects:


August 3-11 - Rocky/Central Tech Camp - Mt Hood, OR, SL/GS  (7 Days)

  • Eligible:  U16 and older athletes named to the RTG
  • Content and Goals:  Tactics and learning to use the fall line in technical events 
  • NCAA athletes on hand to mentor, demonstrate and pace RC RTG athletes

September 11-25 - RC DH/SG/GS Camp - Valle Nevado, Chile (14 Days) - Cancelled

  • Eligible:  U18 and older athletes named to the RTG,
  • Also select athletes based on RC Regional Coach discretion.
  • Content and Goals:  H/SG/GS training on full length courses. 
  • Final off-season prep training. 
  • Refinement of speed skills:  gliding, terrain and jump elements





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