Alpine Programs

Rocky Mountain Division Projects

Rocky Mountain Division Projects
Purpose Statement:
To produce the best alpine ski racers in the world at the developmental, sub-national team level by offering complementary cooperative training with Tri-Regional, RockyCentral Regional, Rocky Mountain Divisional and Rocky Mountain Division club training programs/plans.

1. To assist management, athletic training, and competition performance programs of the top Rocky Mountain Division Athletes.
2. To establish and conduct an athlete talent detection and development system that tracks and measures the performance and performance characteristics of top regional racers at various chronological points in their ski racing development.
3. To contribute as productively, professionally, and fully possible in the achievement of the USSA Mission of being the best nation in ski competition in the world.

Rocky/Central Projects

Project announcements will be posted as they are finalized

Early May - Tri-Regional SG/GS Training - Mammoth, CA (7 Days)

  • Eligible:  U18s and older athletes selected through a national/tri-regional selection
  • Focus and Goals:  SG and GS training with opportunities train with/or parallel to National Teams
  • Project Announcement - Women
  • Project Announcement - Men

May 15-18 - Rocky Central - A-Basin, CO SG/DH  (4 Days)

  • Eligible:  U16 and older athletes named to the Regional Training Group (RTG).  Also selected athletes based on respective Junior Championships results.
  • Focus and Goals:  Terrain elements, Jumps and SG/DH course training
  • Project Announcement

May 23-26, 2014    Rocky/Central Skill Fundamentals Camp      A-Basin/Loveland, CO

  • Eligible:  RMD Team U14 and U16 athletes for the 14-15 Season, Club can nominate one male and one female wild card athlete to be invited to the camp.
  • Content and Goals:  Bring Rocky and Central athletes and coaches together in a camp enviornment, focusing on SkillsQuest/Fundamentals of Skiing
  • Project Announcement

June 12-19 (dates not confirmed) USST-Mt Hood, OR, Slalom Camp (7 Days)

  • Eligible:  U14 and older Male athletes.  2 males in each agre group will be selected from Rocky/Central.  Selections made by National Staff, RMD Manager, Central Manager and RC Regional Development Coach
  • Content and Goals:  Slalom skills and training

August 3-11 - Rocky/Central Tech Camp - Mt Hood, OR, SL/GS  (7 Days)

  • Eligible:  U16 and older athletes named to the RTG
  • Content and Goals:  Tactics and learning to use the fall line in technical events  NCAA athletes on hand to mentor, demonstrate and pace RC RTG athletes
  • Project Announcement

September 11-25 - RC DH/SG/GS Camp - Valle Nevado, Chile (14 Days)

  • Eligible:  U18 and older athletes named to the RTG, Also select athletes based on RC Regional Coach discretion.
  • Content and Goals:  H/SG/GS training on full length courses.  Final off-season prep training.  Reginement of speed skills:  gliding, terrain and jump elements.
  • Project Announcment

Rocky Mountain Division Projects

Project announcements will be posted as they are finalized

October 4 - 5, 2014 - All-Star and Grassroots Conditioning Assessment     Aspen, Colorado

  • All-Star Testing - October 4th and 5th
  • Grassroots Testing - October 5th
  • All athletes U14 and older are eligible to attend the Grassroots Assessment
  • Preregister through Darlene Nolting -

October 10 - 12, 2014 - RMD Olympic Training Center project

  • Eligible Athletes:  U14 and U16 RMD Team athletes and selected Wild Card athletes
  • Content and Goals:  Introduce conditioning fundamentals and experience the Olympic Training Center
  • Project Announcement


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