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      Sun Valley's Tanner Farrow comes from the same locale as U.S. Ski Team greats Picabo Street and Christin Cooper and would like more than anything to join them in U.S. Ski Team lore. Farrow was laser-locked on what was looking to be an incredible 2013 season when he destroyed his ACL in early December, just when the season was about to heat up. Nonetheless, Farrow killed it in rehab, just as he does when pounding gates, freeskiing or skating the local park. Tan man had a comeback in 2014 and landed on the National University Team in 2015 and is stoked to be snagging an education while "slippy slappin down slippery slopes" as he says.


      Farrow loves cooking stir fries, looking at the night sky, mountain biking, taste-testing IPA’s, wearing wide-brimmed vagabond hats, reading three quarters of a book, and going to the gym with his friends.