Moguls Certification Levels

Level 100 Moguls Certification

The Level 100 moguls certification is recommended for any USSA coach working with moguls skiers. It provides fundamental information on coaching specific to moguls skiing along with an introduction to technical fundamental skills. It is offered as self-study material to make it as accessible as possible to a broad audience of coaches. There are two parts to Level 100 certification:

  • Level 100 on-line exam (based on the USSA Level 100 moguls coaching manual, comes with the exam)
  • First Aid and CPR Certification

Both requirements must be completed, and the coach must be a current USSA member, to be certified.  A coach may take the exam before becoming a USSA member, but will not receive certification credit until USSA membership is completed.

USSA accepts most accredited First Aid and CPR certifications, such as the American Red Cross. You may contact your club, ski patrol or local clinic to see if courses are available in your area, or we also recommend the ASEP Sport First Aid course for the First Aid requirement.  Send copies of your First Aid and CPR certifications to USSA Sport Education by email at or fax 435.940.2790.

Level 100 moguls certfication qualifies the coach to teach upright aerials with up to 360 degree rotation.

Level 200 Moguls Certification

The Level 200 moguls certification includes on-snow, in-person training designed for coaches working with youth, junior and development level skiers. Mogul skiing fundamentals are covered on-snow and in the classroom. In addition, Level 200 certified coaches must complete the ASEP Coaching Principles Course, which provides an excellent foundation for the supporting areas of pedagogy, physiology, mental skills training, conditioning and more.

Level 200 moguls certification qualifies the coach to teach upright aerials with up to 720 degree rotation. Level 200 aerials (separate course) qualifies the coach for off-axis and inverted aerials, see aerials qualification information.

Level 300 Moguls Certification

  • Under development

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