Moguls Development

After the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team was named in May 2017, based on the final NorAm Grand Prix standings for the 2016-2017 season, any athlete not currently named to the USFST ranked in the top 5 on the NorAm Grand Prix standings will be named to the Freestyle Developement Group (NorAm Start Group).  The top four men and women on the final FFSP, not currently named to the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team or the EADP will be nominated for the freestyle aerials development group. This will guarantee these athletes’ starts on the NorAm tour. All freestyle development group athletes must participate in all event days the U.S. Selection Events. If a freestyle development group athlete is injured and unable to compete in U.S. Selection Events, the athlete must provide medical documentation stating they are unable to compete. Once medically cleared to compete, they would retain their NorAm start. An athlete who is named to the freestyle development group has until June 1st, 2017 to accept their spot in the USSA freestyle development group (NorAm Start Group). Once the USSA office has been notified that an athlete is retiring or the deadline has passed with no acceptance, the next athlete on the NorAm Grand Prix standings in moguls/dual moguls will be added to the freestyle development group (NorAm Start Group).

National Team Coaching Contacts
Moguls: Caleb Martin;


Moguls/Dual Moguls


  1. Lane Stoltzner 
  2. Avital Shimko


  1. Casey Andringa




Moguls Young Guns will be held from July 15th - 23rd, 2017

Schedule: TBD

Athletes finishing in the top 3 per gender at Junior Nationals in the following age groups: U13, U15, U17 & U19 will be invited to participate. In addition, the highest ranked athlete per gender on the FFSP in those age groups will also be invited if not already invited via Junior Nationals results. US Ski Team members will not be invited, however, no additional invitations will be issued to fill a spot if a US Ski Team member would have qualified via a top 3 age group finish or top age group FFSP ranking.

2017 Young Guns

U13 –


1.       Kai Owens (2004, 12yrs)

2.       Samantha Smith (2005, 11 yrs)

3.       Kylie Kariotis (2004, 12 yrs)


1.       Julian Cayolle (2004, 12yrs)

2.       Joseph Eldridge (2004, 12yrs)

3.       Ryan Tam (2004, 12yrs)




1.       Emily Szabo (2003, 13yrs)

2.       Kenzie Radway (2003, 13rs)

3.       Kasey Hogg (2003, 13yrs)


1.       Cole McDonald (2003, 13yrs)

2.       Dylan Marcellini (2002, 14yrs)

3.       Cole Ward (2002, 14yrs)

4.    Nick Page (2002, 14yrs)


U17 –


1.       Madison Hogg (2001,16yrs)

2.       Gabriella Fisher (2000, 16yrs)


1.       Kalman Heims (2000, 16yrs)

2.       Tanner Murphy (2000, 16yrs)

3.       Landon Wendler (2000, 16yrs)


U19 –


1.       Skyler Nunn (1999, 17yrs)

2.       Hallee Ray (1998, 18yrs)

3.       Katie Coyne (1999, 17Yrs)



1.       George McQuinn (1998, 18yrs)

2.       Tanner Lyle (1999, 18yrs)

3.       Holden Largay (1998, 18yrs)




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