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Click here for a comprehensive presentation for USSA parents covering how to help your child maximize their performance and enjoyment, long-term athlete development, parenting roles and much more.



Sports Science

Sport science is a support service to athletes and coaches that uses scientific principles and techniques to improve the performance of our teams.  Sport science incorporates physiology, strength and conditioning, psychology, biomechanics, sports dietetics, sports technology and performance analysis.  In particular, we are interested in how the body functions during performance, training and different environments and how to enhance its function through science-based training techniques.

Through the study of science and sport, we have developed a greater understanding of how to improve the preparation and performance of our athletes.

Fitness Assesment
Sport Psycology
Sport Nutrition
Sport Physiology


Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of injuries of our athletes.  USSA Sports Medicine delivers various services to our athletes including:  immediate on-hill emergency injury assessment and management, return to sport and rehabilitation strategies, assessment and treatment of concussion, clinical assessment of injury, emergency evacuation and various education programs such as USADA compliance.  

Each of our teams has a head team physician and assigned athletic trainers and physical therapists.  We also have a pool of voluntary physicians that travel with our teams to ensure their safety and the highest standard of medical care.

Education and Research
Medical Manual