Cross Country Team Names Season Goals

Courtney Harkins
2015-06-10 15:09

The U.S. Cross Country Ski Team took over the Craft Sportswear Instagram account and shared their goals for the upcoming season with the hashtag #myracestartshere. Read through to see a few of the athletes’ objectives.

Kikkan Randall
“This season one of my big goals is to chase a 4th overall sprint globe!”

Noah Hoffman
“This spring I've been working on one of my biggest goals for the year: to fix my posture. I'm working with the high performance staff at the @usskiteam's #CenterOfExcellence to bring my shoulders down and back and bring my pelvis into a neutral position.

To make these changes I'm working out in the gym for an hour and a half a day while being supervised for correct body positioning. I'm also working with the physical therapy staff every day before strength to increase range of motion and address specific weaknesses and imbalances. In addition, I'm doing home exercises twice a day and fifteen minutes of yoga each morning.

While I'm working on this project the staff has limited me to an hour a day of aerobic training so I don't reinforce bad habits.”

Liz Stephen
“What are your goals? Be bold!”

Sadie Bjornsen

"Chasing a challenge!"

Rosie Brennan
“I am working hard to be injury free this year with lots of body care, strength, and smart training”

Sophie Caldwell
“My goal for this season is…to be on the World Cup podium!”

Jessie Diggins
“Working hard to reach one of my big goals for next season! What's yours?”

Andy Newell
“A new season with new goals, it's time to win some world cups! Thanks to all the sponsors, supporters, and friends helping me get there!”

Simi Hamilton
“It's June 2nd. That means the first World Cup of the season is 178 days away. That's 4,272 hours, which is about half the number of reasons I have for loving what I do and who I am as a professional ski racer. What's your motivation for getting out there so you can #enjoythehardwork?”


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