NWSEF Third Place in FIS SnowKidz Awards

2016-06-10 16:32

CANCUN, Mexico (June 10, 2016) – The National Winter Sports Education Foundation (NWSEF) finished on the podium in third place in the International Ski Federation’s FIS SnowKidz Awards. The winners were announced on Friday during the 50th annual FIS Congress.

Snow Moves!, based in Finland, finished in first place followed by Everyone on Snow based in Sweden. This is the second time in four years the U.S. has had a program finish in the top three for the awards.

“Making it this far in the awards just creates more enthusiasm for us to go out there and bring more kids to the snow,” said NWSEF board member Schone Malliet. “This has been an incredible event and I’ve learned a lot from people around the world.”

With programs that include Nordic Rocks, Ted Ligety Learn to Ski and the National Winter Activity Center, NWSEF has demonstrated its long term, sustainable commitment to creating participants, competitors and fans. With every program, it is the intent of NWSEF to support and develop initiatives that provide youth with an introduction and proper instruction for competition in skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing.

“Being able to have USSA athletes like Ted Ligety, Kikkan Randall or Kelly Clark involved with the kids in our programs allows those kids to have heroes, those athletes to have fans and gives us an opportunity to help grow the sport,” stated Malliet.

NWSEF received $5,000 towards its programs as one of the eight finalists for the FIS SnowKidz Awards. An additional $5,000 – $10,000 will be awarded to NWSEF for making it in to the top three.

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