TAKE 5 with U.S. Ski Team’s Allie Lee

2014-08-18 08:37

From lifelong friendships to powerful life lessons to everlasting memories of thrilling victories, there are many reasons for your kids to play sports.

As a parent, you can encourage your kids to participate in, or at least try, youth sports. With so many other factors and activities pulling them in different directions, it’s important to properly frame and discuss the many rewards of playing sports.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive™ sat down with U.S. Ski Team standout Allie Lee to get her thoughts on the importance of playing sports along with the life lessons she learned.

In our exclusive TAKE 5 interview Allie told us that she believes the biggest life lesson taught by sports is that you must always have faith and believe in yourself.

“I have learned many lessons through sports but I think the most important lesson I have learned is to believe in myself,” said Allie. “I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I have the drive and willingness to succeed. This is an important quality I will take with me, even when my career is over.”

Allie said that growing up, her parents were very involved in all aspects of her life, and sports were a “huge aspect” of her young life.

“They would question me so I could figure out what lessons I was learning, and would guide me to realize the great things I was taking away from sports,” said Allie. “I was taught how to be a good sport in hard times. I was taught how to appreciate and honor a win, but realize that even if I didn’t win or get the outcome I was hoping for, I was still learning and succeeding.”

Allie added that it’s important for parents to always remind their youth athletes that sports isn’t just about wins and losses –  it’s about learning valuable life lessons.

“I think that’s a really important thing to remember, and for parents to teach their children,” said Allie. “You never fail in sports if you are learning a lesson or getting better from what you fell short of achieving.”

Allie said that skiing offers several compelling reasons for kids to practice and compete out on the hills and slopes – along with many valuable lessons to be learned.

“I think that kids should participate in skiing first off because it’s fun!” said Allie. “Skiing teaches you so many lessons that I’m still learning myself. You need focus, determination and trust in yourself and others. It takes time to learn skiing and when you make improvements, you feel good about yourself. Some kids lack confidence and self-esteem, and skiing can really help a child find those things and find their own path.”

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At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we constantly look for ways to celebrate the countless acts of sportsmanship and integrity shown by people every day. We created Play Positive™, powered by Positive Coaching Alliance, as part of this belief to help ensure that our kids experience the best that sports have to offer in environments that promote and display good sportsmanship. We believe kids can learn valuable life lessons when coaches and parents come together to support winning on and off the hill.

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