USSA Clubs and Athletes See Success With RallyMe

2014-11-19 08:41

PARK CITY, UT (Nov. 19) – Since its launch, USSA Crowdfunding, a fundraising partnership between the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (USSA) and RallyMe, has helped USSA athletes and clubs raise nearly $140,000. Over 950 boosters have supported athletes and clubs across the country. Launched in October, USSA Crowdfunding is designed to help athletes and parents from grassroots USSA clubs up through the national team ranks, with donations going directly to athletes and clubs.


Since its launch, USSA Crowdfunding has helped USSA athletes and clubs raise nearly $140,000.
Over 950 boosters have supported athletes and clubs across the country, with individual contributions ranging from $10 to $2,000
62 athletes and clubs currently have active rallies on
This partnership between the USSA and RallyMe is designed to help USSA athletes, parents and clubs find support for vital training and travel expenses to help them achieve their athletic dreams.
The USSA and RallyMe are utilizing public relations and marketing resources to spread the word about USSA Crowdfunding to help further empower athletes and clubs currently raising funds. The promotional period will continue through the Thanksgiving holiday.
Learn More: All live USSA rallies can be found at
How Fans Can Help: Fans can help by going to and clicking on any USSA athlete Rally to pledge their support. Please use Visa when supporting USSA athletes.



Keri Herman, Olympian, slopestyle skiing
I can't even tell you how much it means to me that people are willing to help support my ski career during times of financial struggle. I have so much more to contribute to the sport and this platform is such a great tool for people to come together and show their support for both elite and up-and-coming athletes. Thank you to everyone who contributes to help all these great athletes accomplish their dreams and goals.

Visit Keri’s Rally.

David Rowe, parent to Sarah Rowe, Apine skier named to the USSA National Training Group 
The partnership between the USSA and RallyMe has been a tremendous benefit to the Rowe family in helping finance Sarah's ski racing dreams. The highly professional platform offers a vehicle that is a relatively unobtrusive way to seek donations. We are amazed at the response Sarah has received.  Donations have come from family, friends, business colleagues (past and present) and from many individuals that we do not know.

Visit Sarah’s Rally.


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