Voisin Soars To X Games Bronze

2017-03-11 18:14

HAFJELL, Norway (March 11, 2017) – Maggie Voisin (Whitefish, MT) earned big air bronze at X Games Norway on Saturday, becoming the first American female skier ever to medal in big air at X Games.

Voisin claimed the third X Games medal of the week for the American skiers, stomping a left rodeo 900 Japan to earn her way to the podium. She threw the trick twice, scoring a 40 each time for a combined score of 80.

Devin Logan (West Dover, VT), who earned bronze in slopestyle Thursday night, finished seventh in big air. Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland won gold, earning the first perfect score ever awarded to a woman at X Games with a switch left double 1080. Estonia’s Kelly Sildaru took silver. 

Bobby Brown (Breckenridge, CO) was the only American skier to make the men’s final, and he finished just off the podium in fourth. He was the first skier to drop in, and he started the contest off in style with a left triple cork 1440 mute that received a score of 44. His second-highest-scoring jump, a double 1440 mute, scored a 37 for a combined score of 81. Brown, who is a five-time X Games big air medalist, missed the podium by just one point.


  • Maggie Voisin earned bronze. Her overall score was 80: left rodeo 900 Japan (40) and left rodeo 900 Japan (40).
  • Bobby Brown was fourth. His overall score was 81: left triple cork 1440 mute (44) and double 1440 mute (37).
  • Devin Logan was seventh. Her overall score was 61: switch left 540 safety (29) and switch left 720 safety (32).   


Men’s big air
Women’s big air