Sport Training Systems - Alpine

The Alpine Training System describes the long-term athlete development of a ski racer from their introduction to the sport through the pinnacle of their racing career. It is built on a fundamental principle:

Before an athlete can become a truly great ski racer, they must become a great skier.

That is, the development should first focus on a skier's athletic skills and their skiing foundation, before focusing extensively on ski racing. These core skills are developed to a large degree outside of traditional race courses.

ATS logoBut there's more to it than just skiing skills. Kids are in it to have fun and be with friends as well. The Alpine Training System is designed to take all these factors into account and provide a blueprint for successful programming for clubs, coaches and athletes.

Alpine Training System Matrix

The Alpine Training System matrix describes the development, physical fitness, technical, tactical, equipment selection and preparation, mental and social skills and competition emphasis for ski racers in each of the training phases. Learn more.


For Coaches

Find specific tools and resources for coaches pertaining to the Alpine Training System here.


For Parents

Parents can learn more about their child's development as described in the Alpine Training System here.


For Athletes

Want to know what your training phase is and what you should be doing to bring out your full potential as a ski racer? Check it out here.