Believe in U.S. in Sochi

After years of preparation, the Olympic Games are only days away. The 94 U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association athletes heading to Sochi have worked their entire lives for this, and they’re ready to shine on the world stage.

It hasn’t been an easy road for these athletes. Over the past several months, they have all been part of an intense selection process. The awe-inspiring feats and incredible results throughout those qualifiers have helped build the momentum and excitement in the run up to the Olympic Winter Games.

But it isn’t just the selection process that has brought these athletes—now Olympians—to where they are today. Each of them got their start at a local resort and in a USSA club program. There are hundreds of people who have touched these athletes’ lives throughout their young careers. From mom and dad putting them in ski school as toddlers, to communities holding fundraisers to the fans sending their best wishes through social media - everyone plays a role in athletic success. Family, friends, communities, resorts, clubs and coaches all are pivotal parts of the journey to the Olympics. Without them, Olympic dreams would not be possible. 

That’s the spirit of Olympism.

This year, American fans have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the Olympic spirit to make the next generation’s dreams come true. NBC’s innovative new program Gold Map will help introduce fans watching on television to the resorts and USSA clubs near them. The USSA’s first-ever National Club Day on February 15 will allow clubs to celebrate the Olympic spirit through countrywide events and community activities.

Thank you for supporting the athletes and promoting skiing and snowboarding around the United States. Because of people like you, the future for young athletes everywhere is shining brightly.

Believe in U.S. And, Thank You, America, for your support!

Bill Marolt
President and CEO
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association


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