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The USSA maintains an active presence within the International Ski Federation, the international federation of skiing and snowboarding. The USSA delegation comprised of both staff and volunteers works strategically through their positions on FIS committees to grow the sport and to push for the USSA's interests internationally. USSA Chairman Dexter Paine represents the USA on the FIS Council and is a vice president of FIS.

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USSA FIS Representation 2014-16

The attached is the current list of the U. S. Ski and Snowboard Association's representation on the FIS Council and FIS Committees.

USSA FIS Representation 2014-16



FIS Council, Vice President:  Dexter Paine



FIS Honorary:  Hank Tauber

FIS Honorary:  Bill Marolt



Cross Country – Executive Board:  Chris Grover

Cross Country Committee – Non-European Countries:  Chris Grover

Cross Country Committee – Athletes' Commission:  Kikkan Randall

Cross Country Committee – Honorary: Lee Todd

Subcommittee for World & Continental Cup Chairman:  Chris Grover

Subcommittee for Rules and Control:  Bob Gross

Subcommittee for Popular Cross Country:  Bob Gross

Subcommittee for Cross Country Youth & Children’s Questions:  Jeff Byrne

Subcommittee for Ladies Cross Country:  Cami Thompson



Jumping Committee – Member:  Alan Johnson

Jumping Committee – Honorary Member:  Gustav Raaum

Subcommittee for Jumping Hills (corresponding member):  Kyle Gilbertson

Subcommittee for Calendar Planning:  Dave Jarrett

Subcommittee for Officials, Rules & Control:  Reed Zuehlke

Subcommittee for Equipment and Development:  Dave Jarrett

Subcommittee for Ski Jumping Youth & Children’s Questions:  Mike Holland



Executive Board Member:  Dave Jarrett

Executive Board Member – Honorary Member:  Joe Lamb



Committee for Alpine Skiing – Executive Board Member:  Phil Mahre

Committee for Alpine Skiing – Ladies Alpine Chair:  Karen Korfanta

Committee for Alpine Skiing – Intercontinental Cups, Chairman:  Bob Dart

Committee for Alpine Skiing – Classification Subcommittee, Chairman:  Jeff Weinman

Subcommittee for Alpine Youth & Children’s Questions:  Patrick Riml

Subcommittee for Alpine Youth & Children’s Questions – Honorary Member:  Walt Evans

Subcommittee for Classification of Alpine Competitors – Chairman:  Jeff Weinman

Subcommittee for Ladies' Alpine Skiing – Chair:  Karen Korfanta

Subcommittee for Alpine Courses – Member:  Tom Winters

Subcommittee for Alpine Courses – Honorary Member:  Nelson Bennett

Subcommittee for Alpine Courses – Inspectors & Controllers:  Bob Calderwood, Daniel Chayes, Bruce Crane, Kurt Engel, Ellen Galbraith, Brad Ghent, Douglas Hall, Tom Johnston, Paul Mahre, Ted Sutton, and Tom Winters

Subcommittee for Rules – Member:  Karen Korfanta

Subcommittee for Alpine Technical Delegates:  Paul Van Slyke

Subcommittee for Alpine Technical Delegates – Honorary Member:  Tom Winters

Subcommittee for the Alpine World Cup – Member:  Calum Clark

Subcommittee for the Alpine World Cup – Liaison for Ladies' Alpine:  Karen Korfanta

Subcommittee for Intercontinental Cups, Chairman:  Bob Dar

Subcommittee for Nor-Am Cup:  Bob Dart

Regional & National Coach: Lester Keller

At-large:  Patrick Riml

Secretary:  Karen Korfanta

Alpine Coaches Working Group – Men, Chairman:  Sasha Rearick

Alpine Coaches Working Group – Women:  Patrick Riml



Committee for Freestyle Skiing – Member:  Todd Schirman

Freestyle Appeals Commission – Chair:  Jay Simson

Subcommittee for Freestyle Rules & Officials – Vice Chairman:  Jay Simson

Judges Proctor Working Group – Chair:  Jay Simson

Freestyle Scheduling Working Group:  Todd Schirman

Freestyle NorAm Committee – Chair:  Todd Schirman

NorAm coordinator:  Konrad Rotermund

USSA Rules & Officials representative:  Andy Hayes

Secretary:  Dave Mirota, CAN

Members:  Matt Gnoza, Garth Hager, and Nate McKenzie

Rules & Officials – Moguls Advisory Group Leader:  Garth Hager

Freeskiing (Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Big Air) WG:  Mike Spencer

Freestyle New Event Task Force:  Jeremy Forster

Freeskiing TD Education, Vice Chairman/North America:  Tom Winters



Committee for Snowboard – Chairman:  Bill Slattery

Snowboard Appeals Commission – Chair:  Bill Slattery

Subcommittee for Snowboard & Freestyle Youth & Children’s Questions:  Garth Hager

Snowboard Rules Working Group:  Peter Foley

Snowboard Task Force Chairman:  Jeremy Forster

Snowboard TD Working Group:  Tom Winters

Skicross Advisory Group:  Gary Wright



Legal and Safety Committee – Secretary, Vice-Chairman:  Alex Natt

Legal and Safety Committee – Honorary Member:  Barry Bunshoft

Medical Committee – Member:  Dr. Larry Gaul

Committee for Advertising Matters, Vice-Chairman:  Mike Jaquet

Committee for Public Relations and Mass Media – Chairman:  Tom Kelly

Committee for Public Relations and Mass Media – Corresponding Member:  Gary Black

Committee for Competition Equipment – Snowboard:  Bill Slattery

Subcommittee for Cross Country Development:  Bob Gross

Subcommittee for Cross Country Development – Honorary:  John Lindstrom

Subcommittee for University Racers – Member:  Claire Brown

Subcommittee for Masters Racers – Member:  Bob Dart

Committee for Telemark Skiing:  Kenneth Gay

Subcommittee for Skiers with a Disability – Corresponding Member:  Kevin Jardine


Athletes' Commission – Cross Country Skiing, Chair:  Kikkan Randall


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