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Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee

Organization & Purpose

The name of this committee will be the USSA Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee (FFSC).  The Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee pursuant to USSA Bylaw Article VI (c), will work with the staff of USSA to develop plans, strategies, and policies for submission to the CEO for the development and operations of freestyle and freeskiing and to assist USSA in the operation of the freestyle and freeskiing programs consistent with FIS regulations, USSA bylaws and the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. 

Additionally the committee will work:

  • To contribute sport expertise leading toward the realization of the vision and mission of USSA in the freestyle and freeskiing disciplines.
  • To provide support in the identification and training of young freestyle and freeskiing athletes with the potential to become elite international competitors.
  • To nominate a representative to the USSA Board of Directors.
  • Enhance public awareness and favorable perception of USSA and competitive freestyle and freeskiing programs in all forms and at all levels.
  • To support and assist the USSA staff in development and coordination of programs for competitor development keeping in mind the participation elements and athletic excellence components of the sport and aspects of a national athlete development plan.


The Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee (FFSC) is comprised of and will strive to represent the interests of the freestyle and freeskiing community within the United States.  Only current USSA freestyle and freeskiing members are eligible for election or appointment to the FFSC and its subcommittees and/or technical working groups.

The Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee is comprised of the following members each with one vote, selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  The vote for representation to the FFSC will occur at the annual USSA meetings.

  • Chair of the Freestyle & Freeskiing Sport Committee who casts his/her vote only in the case of a tie.
  • Moguls subcommittee chair
  • Aerials subcommittee chair
  • Skicross subcommittee chair
  • Rules & Officials subcommittee chair
  • Halfpipe/Slopestyle subcommittee chair
  • FIS Representative
  • USSA board representative
  • Divisional representatives* (2)
  • Freestyle program director
  • Freeskiing program director
  • At-large members - up to two at-large members (one two-year term, one three-year term)
  • Athlete representatives – four sport-specific athlete representatives, one of which is the USSA Board Athlete representative, who has a three-year term
  • Past-Chairman as voting member

Each of the above positions is to be held for a period of two years unless otherwise indicated.

*The eight divisions appoint two representatives for voting positions on the FFSC, one-year terms.


Freestyle & Freeskiing Sports Committee & Subcommittees

Chairman, Chris "Seedog" Seemann

USSA Board Representative, Glenn Eddy

Past Chair, Andy Wise

Mogul Subcommittee Chair, Chris Marchetti

Aerial Subcommittee Chair, Tim Preston

Skicross Subcommittee Chair, Mike Jaquet

Rules & Officials Subcommittee Chair, Andy Hayes

Halfpipe & Slopestyle Subcommittee Chair, Tom Yaps

FIS Representative, Jay Simson

Divisional Representative, Central, Lewis Sundquist

Divisional Representative, PNSA, Pat Deneen

Freestyle Program Director, Todd Schirman

Freeskiing Program Director, Jeremy Forster

At-Large, Konrad Rotermund

At-Large, Jeff Lange

Athlete Representative, Jen Hudak

Athlete Representative, Justin Peterson

Athlete Representative, Joe Swensson

Athlete B.O.D. Representative, Landon Gardner

Divisional Representative, Alaska, Alex Wilson

Divisional Representative, Central, Lewis Sundquist

Divisional Representative, East, Deb Newson

Divisional Representative, Farwest, John Dafoe

Divisional Representative, Intermountain, Gaylynn Mooney

Divisional Representative, PNSA, Pat Deneen/Johann Furr

Divisional Representative, Rocky, Dave Lawson

Divisional Representative, Northern, Mike Papke


Executive Committee

Chairman, Chris "Seedog" Seemann

Todd Schirman, Freestyle Director

Jeremy Forster, Freeskiing Director

Landon Gardner, Athlete BOD Rep

Glenn Eddy, FFSC BOD Rep

Konrad Rotermund, At Large

Jen Hudak, Athlete Rep

Andy Wise, Past Chair


Judicial Committee

Glenn Eddy

Landon Gardner

Mariano Ferrario


Governance last revised 1/20/15


Freestyle/Freeskiing Sport Committee Operating Procedures