Learning Through Adversity

Sometimes, one inch is the difference between Olympic glory and not standing on the podium. U.S. Ski Team alumnus and World Champion Jeremy Bloom learned that lesson firsthand. Whether you’re skiing moguls or working in an office, it doesn’t always go as planned. Dealing with adversity is a life skill that Bloom and others learned through their USSA athletic careers.

At the USSA’s annual Partner Summit, Bloom took the stage to talk about how his athletics career prepared him for a life in business. After leaving the U.S. Ski Team after the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Jeremy continued his athletic career with the NFL. Today, he runs a successful nonprofit, Wish of a Lifetime, while managing a leading internet technology company that he co-founded,

He told the audience, "It's important to not just dream about goals, but to attack them with every bone in your body." He did just that in every endeavor, whether it was skiing or running a nonprofit. One of the goals the USSA has for each and every one of its athletes is that they leave the Team as well-rounded individuals prepared for the future. Bloom is the embodiment of that ideal.

As a U.S. Ski Team athlete, Jeremy Bloom was Best in the World. Just a few years into retirement as an athlete, Jeremy is already making a difference as a business leader. We were proud to show him around the USSA Center of Excellence and to have him share his ideals with our valuable partners who help make it possible for athletes like Jeremy Bloom to achieve their dreams.

Bill Marolt
President and CEO
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association