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Training Systems Overview

USSA Training System logoThe USSA Training Systems provide an optimal developmental blueprint for skiers and snowboarders. They have been designed to ensure that all athlete, coach, and parent members of the USSA have the best possible opportunity to fulfill their athletic dreams and talent. They are based on a long-term athlete development model (LTAD) for skiers and riders that emphasizes age-appropriate training and competition.

The USSA Training Systems are a vital tool to help parents, coaches, and athletes focus on the right things at the right time to maximize their improvement, long-term potential and enjoyment in skiing and snowboarding.


USSA Training System matrix

Each sport's training system is based on a document called the training system matrix. The matrix contains the fundamental information to direct sport participation, conditioning, sport technique and tactics, equipment selection and maintenance, performance psychology and competition in each sport. In one page, parents, athletes, coaches and clubs can see how programming builds through the phases to lead to an individual's full potential. Choose your sport below for the matrix and detailed information behind each box in the matrix.

AlpineCross CountryFreeskiing
FreestyleNordic Combined/Ski JumpingSnowboarding



What is Long-Term Athlete Development?

At its most basic level, LTAD is about doing the right things to prepare athletes for long-term success and enjoyment. In many cases, traditional training and competition programs are designed around short-term success to the detriment of long-term potential.  Learn more.


Why do we need the USSA Training Systems?

While the United States has developed many international stars in skiing and snowboarding, we believe there is great opportunity to increase the competitive density. At the same time, while skiing and snowboarding are inherently enjoyable and thrilling sports, we see too many skiers and riders dropping out at young ages. The USSA Training Systems help address both of these concerns. Learn more.


What are the key concepts?

To take full advantage of the USSA Training Systems, there are some fundamental underlying concepts that you should know. Learn more.


What are people saying?

Read and hear what many of the sport's top experts are saying about the USSA Training Systems approach here.