Welcome USSA Members

August, 2012

After a successful London Olympics for Team USA, the focus now turns to us. In just 18 months it will be our turn to showcase the USSA’s Best in the World athletes on the world stage. With Labor Day upon us, the 2012-13 season is right around the corner – I couldn't be more excited. This is the time to think about how you can take advantage of the many programs offered in your local USSA club as a part of your USSA membership.

As we look to the future to continue our Best in the World success, it’s important to continue to expand our support to grassroots and development programs through our network of USSA clubs. The USSA has developed many innovative programs to ensure that this season is even more successful. Those programs start at the club level.

Skills learned at your local USSA club and your resort's ski school are paramount to continued success. As an example, the USSA’s new SkillsQuest program was created for 2012-13 alpine deployment, providing clubs with new education tools focused on development of very basic skiing skills. This innovative program will soon be available across all sports.

Coaches education has been another focus for the USSA. Parents have a particular interest in the quality of programs and coaching across the USSA's 425 local clubs. Beginning this season the USSA has established FastStart education for all coaches, ensuring that your USSA coaches are knowledgeable in all aspects of sport, including safe sport environment for young athletes. In addition, the number of educational clinics and certification has been greatly expanded in all sports.

This also leads in to a new focus by the USSA to better service its clubs, adding value to clubs and the services they provide to athletes. The new USSA Club Development Program provides ongoing support to clubs including club education, certification and recognition.

The USSA and its 425 clubs pride themselves on being the Best in the World. But a focus on development of the whole person helps establish lifelong benefits from participation in athletic programs from the club level to elite teams. An emphasis on academics is also a key to athletic success! USSA club and development programs are an introduction to strong personal values that serve athletes a lifetime.

Have a great season!


Bill Marolt
President and CEO
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association