FIS Applications-USSA Short Term Memberships and Waivers-Policies

This section provides FIS, USSA Short-Term Membership Applications and Waivers and Policies.

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FIS Registrations (must hold current USSA Competitor membership):

This section provides FIS registrations for competitors participating at the FIS level. You must have a full competitor membership in your sport to register for FIS. Those registering for an Alpine Masters FIS licences must hold a USSA Alpine Master's membership. Must be completed by paper application if the athlete has already registered for USSA. Completed FIS registrations can be sent via fax to 435.647.2052 or email Please allow up to 24 hours upon receipt for processing and a FIS ID to be activated. Close dates are based on Central European Time Zone (Switzerland).

Alpine FIS Registration
Alpine Masters FIS Registration
Cross Country FIS Registration
Freestyle FIS Registration
Jumping FIS Registration
Nordic Combined FIS Registration
Snowboard FIS Registration


Short Term Membership:

Short-term memberships have varied restrictions based on sport and division. First time registrants purchasing a Short-Term Membership must complete the Short-Term Membership online.


  • Short term members may now register for events on for those divisions and sports using the USSA's online athlete event registration system. For those divisions and sports using other systems, please check with the event organizer or division for event registration requirements and instructions.
  • Members may request receipt for proof of purchase
    • USSA Member Services email at
    • Subject "Short-Term Membership Receipt”
      • Specify your name and membership number in the email or subject line
  • Short Term memberships do not provide access to the national ranking list
  • Short Term memberships non-refundable
  • Additional Short-Term memberships must be purchased directly through Member Services at 435-647-2666 or by completing the appropriate form (found below) via email to


In addition, users of the short-term membership are responsible to check with the event organizer and/or division to determine any other specific restrictions in advance of the event. Each event organizer may have different requirements. These restrictions may include the following:

  • Specific deadlines for purchasing short-term membership in advance of the event and event registration close date.
  • Purchase required prior to the event.
  • Purchase required at the event.

Waivers and policies:

USSA Waivers and policies are required for all USSA members including short term members.