Van and Alexander Take U.S. Titles in Placid

2013-10-13 17:57

LAKE PLACID, NY (Oct.13) - World champion Lindsey Van (Park City, UT) and Nick Alexander (Lebanon, NH) picked up national titles Sunday at the U.S. Ski Jumping Championships on the K90 Olympic hill in Lake Placid. It was the 16th U.S. title for Van and first since she swept both competitions in 2011. Alexander claimed his second. Earlier this summer, Nick Fairall (Andover, NH) and Sarah Hendrickson (Park City, UT) took the large hill championships in Park City, UT. Sunday's Championships capped off the annual Flaming Leaves Festival in the Olympic village of Lake Placid. 


  • Nick Alexander (Lebanon, NH) and 2009 World Champion Lindsey Van (Park City, UT) took national normal hill titles in the U.S. Ski Jumping Championships Sunday on the K90 hill in Lake Placid, capping off the Flaming Leaves Festival.
  • It was the second title for Alexander and 16th for the veteran Van.
  • Nick Fairall (Andover, NH) and Sarah Hendrickson (Park City, UT) won large hill titles earlier this summer in Park City, UT. Hendrickson, who is recovering from a knee injury, did not compete in Lake Placid.
  • Van launched the two longest jumps of the day for the women, soaring 92.0 and 96.5 meters to take a 250.0 to 223.5 win over Jessica Jerome (Park City, UT). Alissa Johnson (Park City, UT) was third.
  • Similarly, Alexander went 99.0 on both rounds to easily outpace the field with Fairall second and Anders Johnson (Park City, UT) third.

Nick Alexander
This validates all of the hard work that I’ve been putting in all this summer. So now I just have to appreciate today and work even harder heading into the wintertime.

Looking back at the history of this event, today was pretty fair. Sundays in the past have been tough days, especially with the wind and cancellations, so it was actually a fair event and really allowed me to just focus on putting two solid jumps down.

This summer I've actually been competing in summer Grand Prix’ since August. I’ve competed in Russia, not on the Olympic jumps, but on other venues, where I posted two career-best finishes (14th and 14th). From there, I went to Kazakhstan and really focused on jumping in the summer Grand Prix circuit.

Lindsey Van
Today went well. I started jumping well a couple of weeks ago. It’s nice as I was struggling a couple of years. It was nice to feel the rhythm of ski jumping again.

I had fun today and jumping is about fun. I try not to get too serious about it and really try to enjoy it.
Lake Placid is great, the atmosphere is great, a lot of people have been coming out here to support me. There aren’t that many facilities that support summer training so it’s really nice to be here.
I feel like I’m trying to prepare myself best for the winter, just like I do every other winter. I’m really not preparing myself any differently than I would for any other winter. I’m just trying to get ready for winter and not think too far ahead.


U.S. Ski Jumping Championships
Oct. 13, 2013
Lake Placid, NY
Men's K90

1. Nick Alexander, Lebanon, NH (99.0, 99.0) 263.5
2. Nick Fairall, Andover, NH (94.0, 92.5) 242.5
3. Anders Johnson, Park City, UT (94.5, 90.5) 242.0
4. Peter Frenette, Saranac Lake, NY (91.0, 95.5) 241.0
5. William Rhoads, Park City, UT (92.0, 90.0) 232.5

Women's K90
1. Lindsey Van, Park City, UT (92.0, 96.5) 250.0
2. Jessica Jerome, Park City, UT (86.5, 91.0) 223.5
3. Alissa Johnson, Park City, UT (80.0, 81.5) 185.0
4. Nina Lussi, Lake Placid, NY (80.5, 78.0) 179.5
5. Tara Garaghty-Moats, Lebanon, NH (84.0, 74.5) 174.5



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