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Center of Excellence

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association's Center of Excellence is an historical achievement for Olympic sports in America! The Center of Excellence is a national training and education center providing world-class training facilities and serving as an educational resource for the USSA's athletes, coaches, officials, clubs, parents, volunteers and other stakeholders nationwide. The national center is designed to bring the sport together as a Team and is an international showcase for American skiing and snowboarding. It is the most significant project for athletes in the USSA's more than century-old history.

The USSA's Center of Excellence is a state-of-the-art facility designed to serve today's athletes with world-class facilities and to strengthen the development of tomorrow's Olympic skiers and snowboarders. It was designed to replicate the style and feel of a college campus, inspiring athletes to a higher level of athletic excellence. It is being built to serve athletes and be their home!

The Center was funded with private donations from the USSA's Legacy Campaign endowment fund started in 1999 so no money is being diverted from athletic programs. In fact, the Legacy Campaign has already contributed millions of dollards to funding to USSA athletic programs.

The 85,000-square foot Center of Excellence was built on five acres. It blends the best of high-performance athletic facilities including strength-training areas, a gymnasium, ski and snowboarding ramps, trampolines, a nutrition center and recovery/rehabilitation facilities. Plus, it features educational areas for athletes, coaches and clubs such as a computer lab, multimedia rooms for performance analysis and equipment workshops, as well as a full sport science lab.

All of the educational resources will be shared with the USSA's 400 clubs around the country, offering aspiring young athletes with the greatest opportunity ever to achieve success in the sport they love.

The Center of Excellence opened May 1, 2009.

Olympic Vision Comes Alive in New Center