Measuring Growth

An athletes development phase in the USSA Training Systems can accurately be determined by taking regular accurate and relatively simple measurements. Since phases 3-6 are based on the rate of growth of an athlete, not just their age, we can determine whether the athlete is before their growth spurt (phase 3), in their growth spurt (phase 4), or after their growth spurt (phase 5).

The growth spurt initially starts in the extremities. By tracking standing height and sitting height together, one can detect the onset of the growth spurt. When an increase in the standing height growth rate occurs without an increase in growth rate of sitting height, it is a signal that the athlete has entered into the growth spurt, or phase 4 in the USSA Training Systems. It is important that these measurements are taken accurately and regularly (every three months during the age range around the growth spurt). Check back soon for proper measurement protocols and more information.