Club Certification

Podium Level Club Certification is a reflective, mission-driven process designed for clubs that want to perform a comprehensive organizational assessment in order to verify and demonstrate their understanding of the best principles and implementation of best pratices. The process is a partnership between USSA and the individual club, supported by education and resources, and culminates with a club interview (bronze level candidates) or club visit (silver/gold level candidates).

USSA Podium Certified Clubs are expected to engage in a continuous process of self-assessment, reflection and on-going improvement that enables them to stay relevant to their missions and to the athletes and families they serve.  Clubs demonstrate this commitment by working continuously to improve their programs, actively participating in professional development opportunities and pursuing and maintaining certification.

Club Certification FAQs

Podium Certification Application Packet 

Self-Assessment Standards Workbook component of the application for Podium Certification

Guidelines for certification renewal (every 4 years) or advancement to the next level 


2014 Club Excellence Conference Q and As can be read here


Bronze-certified club: Podium level of certification for established or new clubs that have all the required elements in place for organizational and athletic success. The certification process involves a comprehensive organizational assessment putting the club on the path of continual improvement. The Bronze certification process is open to all clubs.

Silver-certified club: Podium level of certification for well-established and highly functioning clubs both organizationally and athletically. These clubs serve as a model in these areas, have consistent and long-standing track records of organizational and/or athletic success. Silver-level certification requires the approval of the USSA Club Development Manager before starting the process.

Gold-certified club: This level of certification is intended for clubs that are Best in the World. These clubs serve as a model both organizationally and athletically, and are resources to the sport as a whole in the U.S.

To apply for club certification or for more information, clubs should contact the USSA Club Development Manager or call 435.647.2033. 



Become a certified club!

USSA clubs are recognized for organizational and programming excellence through Podium Certification as bronze, silver and gold level clubs.



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