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SkillsQuest Resources

Find all of your SkillsQuest resources here!

Drill Description Booklet-  Introduction and full description for all exercises (updated 11/05/14)

SkillsQuest Scoring Table- Use this to evaluate athletes performance on all SkillsQuest drills.

Parent Information- Parents, are you interested in learning more about SkillsQuest?

SkillsQuest Achievement Stickers- For rewarding athletes on effort and achievement relating to SkillsQuest

Evaluator Accreditation Manual- Guide used to effectively evaluate skill level

List of Accredited Evaluators- A current list of all SkillsQuest accredited evaluators and contact information.

SkillsQuest Score Sheets- For recording scores on the hill, print double-sided

Starter Recording Sheet- In case a scorer forgets to record a bib on their sheet, print these for the starter to fill out so you can double check the bib order.

Site Evaluation Report- To asses and log the venue and trails used. To assure the area used is adequate to preform the SkillsQuest drills.

SkillsQuest Webinars:

This presentation is focused on the SkillsQuest skiing skills assessment and how to evaluate the skiers in the various exercises and then use that assessment to guide training. 

 This presentation helps to guide SkillsQuest tournament oganizers in creating a sucessful event. 


To request more information on SkillsQuest email or call 435.647.2622.


Eileen Shiffrin on SkillsQuest

Mikaela Shiffrin's mother talks about the importance of SkillsQuest and developing fundamental skills and how it has helped Mikaela become a World Champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

SkillsQuest Videos

Center of Excellence TV has all the SkillsQuest videos with key frame analysis for USSA members. Print them out to bring on the hill!


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2015 World Championships

After a very successful Olympic year, teams are turning their attention to the 2015 World Championship season, including the FIS Alpine World Champs in Colorado.