The Military Mentorship Program (MMP) brings veterans, active-duty service members and elite athletes together to create meaningful experiences build relationships and share their personal stories of teamwork, perseverance and reaching the limits of their potential. Both USSA athletes and members of the military share a drive for excellence with the goal of being Best in the World as representatives of the United States.

PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union), a proud sponsor of the MMP and a respected credit union which has a long history and close ties with the military, is paramount to making this effort a success.

As part of the MMP, athletes will have the opportunity to learn team-building skills through sessions run by military veterans, who serve as mentors to athletes by sharing personal stories of their own experiences defending our nation. Athletes, in turn, share stories of working towards a Best in the World goal both individually and as a team member. Their fights, struggles and triumphs are shared in a group setting, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment for everyone involved.

The program works to instill a sense of national pride. Both elite athletes and military members are representatives of the USA abroad and, through this program, they're able to learn and grow together. The USSA, in conjunction with American300, will be coordinating this first-of-its-kind, year-round, two-way exchange program for our athletes, veterans and military service members around the world.

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Upcoming Events

Events in Park City – MMP at Park City Grand Prix, February 27 – March 1

USSA Rookie Camp June 2015 (either 17-20 or 24-27), at USSA Center of Excellence in Park City, UT