Utah Olympic Legacy Venues Explore Integration Efforts

2015-10-22 14:12

October 22, 2015 (Midway, UT) – The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation and Soldier Hollow Legacy Foundation released a joint committee report outlining considerations and process steps to integrate Soldier Hollow under Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation oversight. With shared Olympic heritage and complementary missions, the two foundations represent active sport venues from the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games and 2002 Paralympic Winter Games.

Representatives of both foundations formed a joint committee to explore organizational integration. The committee conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of complementary strengths, shared missions, and business practices. Emphasis was placed on exploring capital development plans and financial and operational efficiencies. The joint committee report outlines the findings.

Benefits of the proposed integration include: alignment of Utah’s Olympic legacy efforts while ensuring long-term sustainability of each venue; further positioning of Utah as a premier Olympic winter sport training and event destination; and demonstrate key practices to the world how to transform Olympic venues into dynamic community resources.

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