Cross Country Sport Committee

Organization & Purpose

The Cross Country Sport Committee, (CCSC) pursuant to USSA Bylaw Article VI (c),  works with the paid professional staff of USSA to develop plans, strategies, and policies for submission to the CEO for the development and operations of cross country skiing and to assist USSA in the operation of the cross country skiing programs consistent with FIS regulations, USSA bylaws and the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act.

Its roles include assisting in the development and supervision of programs for competitor development, improvement to the USSA pipeline; assisting with the decisions on interdivisional questions concerning cross country competitions; and coordinating scheduling of international and national events in conjunction with the USSA staff.

Additionally the committee will work:

  • To contribute sport expertise leading toward the realization of the vision and mission of USSA in the cross country discipline.
  • To provide support in the identification and training of young cross country athletes with the potential to become elite international competitors.
  • To nominate a representative to the USSA Board of Directors.
  • To support and assist the USSA staff in all programs and aspects of a National athlete development plan for cross country.



The Cross Country Sport Committee (CCSC) strives to represent the interests of the cross country community within the United States.  Only current USSA Cross Country members are eligible for election or appointment to the CCSC and its subcommittees and/or technical working groups.

The CCSC is composed of the following members, selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  The vote for representation to the CCSC occurs at the USSA Congress.  All CCSC members have one vote.

  • A chairman, elected by the sport committee membership every two years, who may serve as the USSA board representative
  • The USSA Nordic program director, named by USSA job position
  • National team development coach, named by USSA job position
  • Three athlete representatives, elected in conjunction with USSA’s Athletes’ Council
  • Up to two at-large members, appointed by the CCSC
  • Five regional representatives, designated/elected by the respective divisional committees in their regions, including:

    *  Alaska – comprised of the Alaska Division
    *  Pacific – comprised of the PNSA and Far West divisions
    *  Mountain – comprised of Intermountain, Northern & Rocky Mountain divisions
    *  Central – comprised of the Central Division
    *  East – comprised of the New England and Mid-Atlantic divisions

  • Two members elected by the membership of the standing subcommittees, including:

    *  Rules and Technical (Officials)
    *  Coaches

Each of the above positions is to be held for a period of two years.


Cross Country Committee


Chair, Cami Thompson Graves, NENSA/Dartmouth

Robert Lazzaroni, USSA Program Director

Brian Fish, USSA Development Coach

Abi Holt, Coaches Committee Chair

Matt Pauli, Officials Committee Chair

Peter Leonard, Alaska

Yuriy Gusev, CXC/Midwest

Amie Smith, New England/NENSA

Alan Watson, PNSA

August Teague, Far West

Rick Kapala, Intermountain

Mike Elliott, Rocky Mountain

Rebecca Watson, High Plains

TBD, CXC/Great Lakes

Margaret Maher, Mid-Atlantic

Dave Knoop, At-Large

Rosie Brennan, Athlete, Board Rep

Annie Hart, Athlete

Dakota Blackhorse von-Jess, Athlete


Cross Country Executive Committee


Chair: Cami Thompson-Graves (New England)

Robert Lazzaroni (USSA)

Matt Pauli, Anchorage, AK (Officials)

August Teague (Far West)

Rosie Brennan (Athlete)


Cross Country Judicial Committee


Matt Pauli

Amie Smith

Dakota Blackhorse von-Jess


Peter Leonard

Al Serrano

Annie Hart

Adam St. Pierre


Governance last revised 9/30/16



Cross Country Sport Committee Operating Procedures