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The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association provides opportunities for athletes in the most exciting Olympic action sports, driven by a vision to be best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding. The USSA's programs provide education, development and competition opportunities for young athletes, from grassroots USSA club programs up through national teams and the Olympic Winter Games.

It's easy for young athletes to get started in USSA competition programs in any sport by following these simple steps.

Become a member of the USSA to gain access to local and national competitions in your home area. The USSA offers youth or entry level memberships in all sports. Click here to checkout USSA membership.

Take Part in Competitions
Check the USSA competition calendar for your local area to select competitions for your age and ability level. The event organizer or your USSA Club can help you. The USSA offers introductory ‘non-scored’ events for youth athletes to promote skill development and fun. But for advancement, athletes take part in USSA scored competitions, with the USSA Competitor membership, to improve their ranking.

Join a local USSA Club
The USSA's network of 400 clubs nationwide offers young athletes professional coaching and program direction as well as logistical support. Click here for a listing of USSA Clubs in your area.

Athlete Advancement
The USSA has developed a systematic athlete advancement plan illustrated in its Athlete Development Pipeline diagram. Once you've started competing at the local level, you'll have an opportunity to advance up through the system through participation in scored events. And, who knows, someday you might make it the Olympics! Checkout the athlete pipeline in your specific USSA sport of interest.

The USSA conducts thousands of competitions every season, each managed by a USSA member club. Producing those events requires thousands of volunteer judges and officials for duties ranging from competition registration to on-snow event management to timing and scoring and more. The USSA provides education and certification programs for judges and officials to provide the best and most fair competitions possible for USSA athletes. Click here for more information on USSA's programs for judges and officials and how you can play an important role in your local USSA club.

USSA coaches provide important leadership and guidance for athletes at all levels. Coaches help outline the pathway for aspiring athletes from local clubs through regional and national development projects and on to elite national teams. The USSA provides extensive education and certification across all sports to ensure consistent, high-quality programs for athletes. Choose your sport for more information on becoming a USSA coach and how you can play a key role in your local USSA club.

Parents are a vital link to the success of USSA athletes. Parents serve not only as leaders for their children, but as active participants in USSA clubs and events. The USSA provides education and engagement for parents to help them establish the best possible pathway for their son or daughter to get the most out of participation in USSA programs. Click here to learn more about how you can be a productive USSA parent.

Volunteerism, or Olympism, is the backbone of the USSA. From local USSA clubs to major international events at U.S. resorts, volunteers serve in very important capacities in club programs and competitions. To learn more about how you can play a valuable role, click here to contact your local USSA club.





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